Equality of Blood Money of Man and Woman in Islamic Teachings

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According to a widely accepted and traditional fatwa ruling in Islamic jurisprudence, the blood money of a woman is half that of a man. This book critically analyzes this fatwa and argues in favor of equal blood money for both men and women. In line with the findings of this study, different fiqhi approaches have left open the possibility of establishing a new system of blood money and indemnification of losses for bodily injuries. To this end, it is essential that fundamental principles such as justice, fairness and commonality in ruling, as well as the realities and requirements of modern societies be taken into account. Adopting an intra-fiqhi approach, this book highlights the great potentials of Sharīʿah for the removal of all unjustifiable discriminations between men and women in the areas of inheritance, testimony in the court and undertaking public positions. Due to the capacity of the aforementioned principles, the book suggests that all fiqhi discriminations in human relations be reconsidered and reread in light of these principles.

This Persian book is published in 248 pages by Tarh-e No publication in Tehran, 2021.

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